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Here at C.A.L.M. we are always thinking of 
ways to improve the delivery of our dairy

Once again we've upgraded our delivery

system to take advantage of the best
technology and business practices in the 

industry, such as:


   --GPS  tracked product loads available                     for you to view online!

   --Delayed deliveries call before scheduled

      time, or we pay you $$$!

   --Web-based scheduling available online.  

      Submit your schedule from anywhere,

      then view it from your smart phone,

      tablet, or computer anytime!

   --Guaranteed Product Quality Schedules 

       available for 2013 contracts! 


--Prices guaranteed. We keep our overhead at a

   minimum  to ensure that our clients receive the     best value.  C.A.L.M. believes that pricing is         not load by load, but rather a quality long-term


--Quick delivery of  SPOT  loads of Grade A, and

   condensed or raw milk. Let us use our network    of brokers, plants and dairies throughout the

   country to deliver the Spot loads that you need